Digitales Meldewesen - CLOUD

Manage your guest registrations efficiently via powerful feature panels


INBOX - digital guest registration

Agile Work mit CM Studio .GRM-CLOUDFrom INBOX to Check-Out, the status tables always show the current status of guest registrations. The employees of your reception team can identify with one view…

  • ...when the invitation to the online check-in is sent via the digital registration form (guest e-mail).
  • ...whether and when the guest has already completed the digital registration form.
  • ...whether the registration data record is complete and has been classified as complete by the system. This means in particular that the required passport data of foreign guests is also already available.

2-way Interface mit PMS und Channel-ManagerConvert bookings from Channel Manager or PMS software automatically into qualified guest registrations...

Using the feature 'Data Sources' the CM Studio .GRM-CLOUD offers you an automatic 2-way interface to transfer bookings directly into the digital guest registration system.

However, neither Channel Manager nor PMS software automatically have all the necessary data for the registration system. Name, address and place of residence are usually available. The travel period and the number of guests are generally available. Date of birth and, if applicable, passport data are not requested for all bookings and must be subsequently entered by the guest as part of the registration procedure.

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Automated detection of passport and ID-Card dataCM Studio .PASSPORT OCR-API

Guest data registration or a self-check-in has never been so easy

Plustek SecureScan x-MiniMASCH Software Solutions offers with CM Studio .GRM-CLOUD real workload reduction for your guest reception and at the same time security for the validation of travel documents such as passport or ID card.

The automated detection of passport and ID-Card data (ID-CARD OCR)

ensures effective and fast capture and verification of passports and ID cards.

The guest arrives, the receptionist asks for the passport or the personal ID card and scans it.

After less than 5 seconds, the guest's data will be prompted within a digital guest registration form on a tablet PC or guest's smartphone. The guest (she or he) can now complete the registration process by adding other requested information.

The information will be stored, linked guest cards will be automatically created and sent to the guest by e-mail. The reception team can transfer relevant data into their PMS software with a few mouse clicks.

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Reporting PanelThe Reporting-Panel...

...lists all registration data records of a past month to give your business the possibility to effectively analyze overnight stays and reservations.

This is the basis for visitor's tax or bed tax reporting to your municipality or the responsible tourism organization.


Are you a landlord of one or
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Do you manage a hotel and are you interested in digitizing your registration certificates?

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